Biden Warns Xi Jinping Against Aiding Russia ?

Biden Warns Xi Jinping

According to the White House, President Biden held a nearly two-hour-long call with Chinese President Xi Jinping describing the implications and consequences if China provides material assistance to U.S.-backed forces fighting in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and other countries. During his call, President Biden warned that Beijing would be caught “unfairly” aiding Russia and urged Vice President Kamala Harris to continue her bipartisan policy work together on global security.


President Biden today made an unannounced


President Biden warns against allowing the U.S. military to conduct further offensive operations in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Yemen

“President Biden today made an unannounced call with Prime Minister Xi and discussed the challenges facing our national security interests and our cooperation with key allies across Asia–especially those countries who have played decisive roles in securing our alliances, including the United States–and offered his condolences over the loss of lives in Afghanistan. The president reaffirmed the importance of maintaining our collective security and reiterated how important it is for our partners to maintain stability and prosperity. I also reaffirmed my commitment to strengthen our alliance and advance our shared interests. He also reminded me that we need our allies to make progress – and that this is a difficult time for some countries, such as Germany, France and Japan, where there are risks from terrorism, extremism and civil unrest. And he expressed his deep concern about the impact of COVID-19 on our international system and the growing threat to democracy, human rights, equality and women’s freedom, and the environment, as well as the economic impacts. There is no doubt that, in the longer term, there will be more challenges than opportunities. But our security and prosperity depends on our ability to cooperate with others in multilateral ways.”

President Biden emphasized the critical importance of continuing his administration’s foreign policy priorities on issues such as climate change and trade and investment in infrastructure, development aid, renewable energy sources, countering illicit financing, and strengthening America’s relationship with its allies. In recent months, members of Congress have called on him to lead by example after Trump did not.

President Biden also congratulated Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the call, saying “My fellow citizens and friends, you did amazingly well in containing the outbreak of the pandemic, and we’ve all been impressed by your swift actions to avoid the virus and take steps to contain an unexpected and deadly epidemic. You’ve led the world in vaccination efforts and continued to support us as we respond to COVID-19 and prepare for future health emergencies. Now is the time to build upon what you’re already doing and work even harder together under these new conditions and climate change. Our people deserve to know that you’ll keep working together to achieve peace, prosperity, and dignity in a more productive way, including through your own words and actions. Thank you for making this commitment to help everyone – from our allies in Afghanistan and the Middle East, to our partners in Europe and Latin America, and beyond.”

President Biden said he asked the leaders to continue their strong partnership on everything from promoting American companies in India to combating terrorism. Both leaders agreed to focus their attention on deepening relations between the U.S. and India and creating additional capacity in defense. They emphasized increasing collaboration and opportunities in regional security cooperation, maritime safety, counter-terrorism, space, and anti-terrorism, including with respect to COVID-19 response.


President Biden also thanked the People’s


President Biden also thanked the People’s Republic of China for assisting the U.S. in achieving its strategic objectives in Afghanistan and building a stable and secure region. His conversation with Prime Minister Xi included a range of opportunities to talk about the shared responsibility to expand bilateral cooperation, cooperate more closely on counterterrorism and counter-terrorism, deepen connectivity, enhance economic benefits, and expand bilateral trade. The leaders committed to focusing on areas where they can connect, collaborate, create synergies and mutual benefit and to look toward common areas of cooperation to better address them. Their discussions touched on economic opportunities and increased capacity in logistics, supply chain management, manufacturing, telecommunications, tourism, transportation, education, and healthcare, among other topics.

President Joe Biden with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on October 4, 2020 in New York City while calling on the leaders to continue their strong partnership on everything from promoting American companies in India to combating terrorism.

President Biden concluded the call by reiterating his commitment to being clear, consistent, coordinated and focused when addressing domestic challenges such as climate change and COVID-19. He highlighted the opportunity for leaders to agree on specific goals and share information, work together to create concrete plans to meet them, and to prioritize them consistently. Based on their positive experiences so far, he stated, leaders will also agree to extend their respective governments’ common economic, health, and environmental policies and principles. As a result, President Biden said he invited leaders to adopt a new vision, and to set goals, work collaboratively, and act as one team, to promote a long-term, sustainable and equitable transition to meet each country’s needs. President Biden announced a four-year agenda for rebuilding the American economy and society, advancing equity and justice, and advancing fairness for all Americans. It was an optimistic message for a nation that has grown weary of the political rhetoric of past presidents and candidates. President Biden acknowledged the hard work of leading this nation, but encouraged leaders to unite again, to draw strength from history and trust in science, and to recommit themselves to the values for which this nation was founded. He and Mr. Modi thanked President Biden for the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue about public health, jobs, the economy and diversity, and to explore measures to create good jobs and opportunities for all Americans.

President Joe Biden with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on October 4, 2021 in New York City while calling on the leaders to continue their strong partnership on everything from promoting American companies in India to combating terrorism.

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